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19 definitions by Ben Dover of the Yard

What happens to black people after they've been arrested by the metropolitan police but even when an inquest records a verdict of unlawful killing, no policemen are ever convicted (because criminal charges are assesed based on evidence gathered by, you've guessed it...the police!)
'sarge, I just beat a nigger to death in the cells. But he had it coming, he was giving me lip. Or he would have done if I hadn't hit him first, you know what they are like'

'don't worry son, I'll have to gather the evidence myself and of course i won't find any *wink wink* and of course there were no witnesses in this busy police station were there'
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 23, 2004
52 14
method used by the metropolitan police, among others, to intimidate and alienate most black people in their communities. People are stopped at random and have their clothing searched, in public, in the most humiliating way possible, usually accompanied by a large amount of sarcasm and unecessary physical force.

Is based on the incorrect assumption that most black people in inner city london are criminals.

The police stop 8 times more black people than they do whites.

Only a tiny number of searches result in the detection of any criminal behaviour or intent.

is another form of police brutality and more proof of the disgraceful state of aso-called public service in this country.
"look sarge, there's a nigger, and what's worse he's got a white woman on his arm.

"ok son you know what to do. Stop and search him, and be sure to plant some drugs in his pocket while you're at it"
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 16, 2004
50 15
what you end up saying when you mean to say jesus h christ but then the 'h' puts you off so it becomes a hybrid of the aforementioned and harry h corbett off steptoe and son.
jesus h corbett what the fuck are you talking about you sad git. er, I mean christ not corbett!
by ben dover of the yard July 07, 2004
57 23
how the smirking chimp pronounces 'terror' (note the 'o')
Presidential press conference:

Smirking Chimp : "the war on terr'r will never be over..."

Journalist : "What the fuck are you talking about, it's 'terror' learn to speak English you illiterate buffon"
by Ben Dover of the Yard August 31, 2004
42 9
the same as buahahahahahahaha only with one less 'ha' , to give a medium length manic laugh
oh sod it, i'm, leaving off an extra ha, but you get the message, it's a manic laugh, said the evil genius.
by ben dover of the yard July 06, 2004
45 18
A drake-brockman is an absurd belief that goes against all rational evidence, because it reinforces one's bigoted view of a race or particular group of people. Usually, a drake-brockman is the result of deliberately misrepresenting a source to make them fit your world view.
Cherry the elderly papergirl believed the drake-brockman that asylum seekers are given £300 a week and a pat on the head by the Government, after someone told her this in a post office queue one day.

the de sica believed the drake-brockman that 'many asylum seekers are guilty of serious crimes in their own country' despite the fact that when she was repeatedly asked for evidence she failed to provide any.
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 26, 2004
39 13
atmosphere-less drinking holes in the uk, characterised by artificial ye olde oake beams, plastic leprachauns, etc etc. I mean, what the hell does, say, cenral cardiff have to with the australian outback? fuck all, that's what. the worst ones are the oirish pubs.
i fancied a pint with my mates, but then one of the twats wanted to go to the "blarneystone n' firkin" so I decided not to bother
by ben dover of the yard July 07, 2004
27 6