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Recieving a blowjob from a Jewish girl.
Chad: Yo man how was your night last night?

Tyler: It was pretty sick man I got some mad Yamaka from this girl Rachel I met at the club. She didn't even care that I wasn't circumcized!
Chad: Sounds awesome brah
by Ben Dover Derrick Zass July 12, 2011
1. A jew losing his virginity.

2. Any male having sex with a jewish girl for the first time in his life.
1. Did you guys hear?? Tommy finally got Bar Mitzvahed last night!!!
2. Yo man I met this girl Rachel at the club last night, lets just say I got Bar Mitsvahed back at my place! Jewish girls know how to get down!
by Ben Dover Derrick Zass July 12, 2011

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