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2 definitions by Ben Dover{CK}

a horrible place run by a-holes that think marajuana is a drug(its an herb),this place is also overrun by wangstas and emo kids...not forgetting the horribly greasy and smelly ICP kids, this is a place where you can be trained to become janiorial staff if you meet the requirements(being retarded)attending oshkosh west will get you no where in life and most graduate with depression
"dang, i wounder what the spring Southpole clothing line looks like?"..."oh lets just go over to oshkosh west and check what the kids are wearing"
by Ben Dover{CK} January 29, 2008
60 42
oshvegas is where the true thugs lay. mil-town aint got nothing on o-town...this be the place to find the best of the best
"o damn this shit is DANK! where'd you get it"......"oshvegas of course"
by Ben Dover{CK} January 29, 2008
15 11