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3 definitions by Ben Deivert

Like a Walmart Run, it is often done on the spur or the moment, late at night or early in the morning, and done with multiple people. The purpose of a Denny's Run is to cure the crunchies, or just solve hunger in general, while hanging out and catching up with friends.
"I'm hungry, let's go on a Denny's run and get a banana split."

"I can't believe we got kicked out of Denny's last night on our Denny's run!"
by Ben Deivert February 22, 2008
A quick trip to the nearest Walmart often out of idle boredom, whether you buy anything or just play with the "try me" buttons on kid's toys. A Walmart run often involves two or more people, always on the spur of the moment, and is generally late at night or early in the morning.
"I'm tired of playing Halo 3 for my kick-ass Xbox 360, let's go on a Walmart run!"

"Hey, it's only 2 in the morning, we still have 4 hours before the sun rises, let's go on a Walmart run!"

" 'Two minors were kicked out of Walmart last night after causing a ruckus on a late-night Walmart run.' "
by Ben Deivert December 28, 2007
A flood wall often made of rock and earth. It is chiefly British, spelled Dike. It may also be a ditch or channel. In Geology, it is a long mass of igneous rock that cuts across the structure of adjacent rock. The use of a dyke may cause severe flooding on the other side of the river and up-stream of the dyke.

This is also the original meaning of the word, in comparison to the new, generally accepted meaning referring to lesbians.
Because of the dyke across town, the flood was significantly less devistating.

Though it's a risk, there is a small hole in the dyke to let water seep out through more quickly.
by Ben Deivert May 31, 2008