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Sociology is recognised as an individual subject academically, distinguished from other social sciences of Psychology, economics, social policy etc, but is however more subjective than other social sciences. Collectively, sociology may be defined by its terminology, aims and practice. Sociology is a study of humans, the representation of individuals within a community and attempts to interpret the actions derived from interactivity between people of a social group, community or society (or all three), based upon their position within said group. The interpretation of these actions, and the basis of action within society are cohesive with the values imposed upon the individual within his/her community, which may be based upon culture, religion, education, social position, work, etc and competence within the community, as well as the resolve of others, having a direct influence upon an individuals action.
A social scientist may be concerned with: Social Statics – the study of coexistence of institutions in a system, and their structures and functions; Social Dynamics – the study of change in institutions and systems over time, their development and progress. But it is not his assumed position to consider the problems of the individual human "unit". Sociology is psychology as a Marcoscience?
by Ben Cummins March 15, 2005

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