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A woofle can be either:

A waffle made out of dog, as invented by PC and Burger one fateful afternoon,


The most common meaning; similar to the Richter scale, but with two pointed differences. The Woofle is a rating of any real or imaginary quantity or quality, expressed as a rating out of 25. The most important thing to remember about the Woofle is that it is only relative to the most and least of its kind which is graded ONLY BY ITS CURRENT MAXIMA AND MINIMA. That is to say, a Woofle value of 25 does not make something the greatest value possible, merely the greatest value recorded so far. Thus, the playing field is expanded out to either side as time goes on and more Woofle items are compared.

Highly useful for rating all things under the sun, most especially and relevantly;

quality of a substance, excellentness of a day, greatness of a band, etc.

Most applicable for items of a fluctuating and constantly expanding nature.

The commonly denoted symbol for the Woofle is the Wq, or "Woofle Quotient" of a given item.
Today: Wq 3
not quite the worst day I've ever had, but getting close
by Ben Campbell February 18, 2005
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