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The logical plural of 'house'

Plural of Mouse: Mice
Louse: Lice
House: Houses?
Those were some really cute hice.
by Ben Berkowitz April 02, 2008
Get The Fuck Out The Way!

an expanded version of gtfo, but useful while driving or walking.
You know when you are trying to get into a door, and another person is trying to get out, and you try to let them pass you on your left, but they try to let you out that same way, and then you do the same thing on the other side? After that I just yell GTFOTW!
by Ben Berkowitz March 19, 2008
Aggression, the attention of an aggressive force.

Used mostly in MMORPG's to denote the attention of an npc enemy.
1. Feign Death more often, you need to watch your aggro.

2. "Dude, you know that you and Evin have the same birthday?"
"Yea, it's pretty great, he draws all the aggro for birthday punches."
by Ben Berkowitz April 12, 2008
Verbally shut down, counterpointed by overwhelming evidence, or just zinged badly.
You got NO neck, ya house got NO ceiling, you eat chicken with NO meat, and ya window IS ya front door.

Oooohh cannoned!
by Ben Berkowitz March 19, 2008
Slapping someone with both hands on either side of their face, in a clapping motion.
Inspired by Donkey Kong.
Oooh triple KO with the MONKEY CLAP!
by Ben Berkowitz March 20, 2008
When a person will not be quiet, or continues on about something stupid, or no longer being talked about.
"...and I don't even care about you that much."
"Oh y'all be mad raggin."
by Ben Berkowitz March 20, 2008
Giving oral sex, or when something sucks.

Can be used to replace 'You suck."

Y'all be givin' mad shlurps!

Hey did you hang with Poison?
Hell yea dude! Got mad shulrps!
by Ben Berkowitz March 20, 2008
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