6 definitions by Ben Bashford

five pints or more down the pub. usually ending with some kind of bizarre drunken hilarity.

"swift half" refers to the mythical quick half pint on the way home, or on your way somewhere... never happens.
"I woke up this morning with mustard all down my jeans and a kebab in my bed. Ooh me head... I only went out for a swift half"
by Ben Bashford June 03, 2003
to wipe your cock on the curtains after having sex at a posh bird's house
by Ben Bashford March 18, 2003
the female notcha

the space between the females vagina and anus

the bit the balls biffon during sex
by Ben Bashford August 05, 2002
the bit between your balls and anus

notcha balls and notcha arse
by Ben Bashford August 05, 2002
turds and white bogroll left "as a surprise" in a public toilet.
I couldn't take a shit on the coach - the flusher was broken and it was filled with bangers and mash
by Ben Bashford March 18, 2003
see camwhore

"A female who broadcasts live pictures or video of herself over the World Wide Web"
by Ben Bashford May 06, 2003

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