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5 definitions by Ben B

it comes from the latin words "huge titts"
it means : big ass titys
damm greg, look at those fine ass titys!
by Ben B February 28, 2005
36 18
This word came from the Greeks. It meas Striving for excellence.
Arête got in they way of Billy when he would not help his friend because he did not want to be embarrased.
by Ben B March 06, 2005
14 9
I smoke potifer evvvvery day
by Ben B February 16, 2004
2 4
when mrs mcmahon drops a breadstick at fazolis and bends over to pick it up, will beats her to it and before you know it, wham bam, trick attack
poor carla dropped her pencil and got total trick attack
by ben b January 26, 2005
5 9
a girl by the name of Angie M
Angie M is whipped by Ben B
by Ben B March 24, 2004
7 79