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Something Phil Anselmo shouted on Pantera's 1990 album, "Cowboys from Hell."
My stand is the human race
Without a label or a face
So they can lick my sack - "Hesresy," Pantera
by Ben A April 09, 2006
1. A person who seems cool at first, but you soon realize that it's just because he's a brown nose.

2. A guy who will hook up with anything... and I mean EVERYthing...
1. "Man, I used to think he was kinda cool, but that mutha-fucka is mad annoying... Desperato to da max"

2. "Dude... she looks like a GUY - stop being such a Desperato, Jared!"
by Ben A April 03, 2006
1. A fratboy whom drinks more than he can handle.
2. A play on Will Farrel's carracter in "Old School."
1. Jesus, Tanx! not again!
2. Flounder swims in da ocean, the ocean, da ocean, Flounder swims in the ocean, and Tanx drinks too much beer..
by Ben A April 03, 2006
Originally, just plain gibberish. After a few misconseptions due to puna , now a "smelly-vagina-head."
"You're such a Punahead, Marina..."
"Am not!"
by Ben A April 03, 2006
A punch, usually to knock a person out.
"One second, I'm taking the piss to his mother, and the next, he's givin' me a Birmingham Handshake!"
by Ben A April 03, 2006
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