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When someone poops into someone elses butt-hole, and then they poop it back into their butt-hole, with the same poop. Forever.
"Like I'll poop into her butt-hole. And then she'll poop it back... into my butt... hole. And then we'll just keep doing it back and forth. With the same poop. Forever." Poop back and forth.
by Ben & Milkey April 11, 2006
A large poop, containing cargo (such as corn).

The act of leaving such a poop.
1. "At the party last night, someone upperdecked my fucking toilet."
"Gross, dude"
"Worse than that, it was a fucking cargo shit."

2. "Yo, I totally cargo shit in Eric's toilet last night."
"Nice, dude."
"Better than that, it was an upperdeck."
by Ben & Milkey May 08, 2008

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