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The feeling you get when you're sure you have a unique, never before thought of word or phrase to submit to urbandictionary.com only to find out some jerk published it a long time ago.
Ben was pumped thinking he'd be the first guy to publish "soap grafting" on urbandictionary.com. Upon finding out he wouldn't be first he was left with a severe case of Urban Disappointment. Damn you Acquiesce42! DAMN YOU!!!
by Ben's Penis April 06, 2010
Trix cereal.
Silly rabbit, your balls are for kids.

Mmmm Rabbit Balls
by Ben's Penis July 23, 2010
When driving, the title for someone who weaves in and out of traffic, aggresively passing other vehicles way over the speed limit. While temporarily annoying, these fast-n-furious wannabes are actually doing the rest of us a favor by attracting the attention of any law enforcement potentially lurking ahead. A bonus when you've had a couple beers at happy hour.
Dhurka: Look at that asswipe in his lowered '92 Civic with the coffee-can muffler. Dude thinks he's Vin friggin' Diesel.

Sukhdeep: You should be thankful for our Asian import driving friend. He's our popo prerunner! Now I am confident we will make it home from the club hassle free.
by Ben's Penis February 09, 2013
A phrase used when something is boring to the point that playing Angry Birds would be time better spent.
"Come on Sukhdeep, let's bail this party. My Birds is Gettin' Angry."
by Ben's Penis December 03, 2011
The inevitably awkward way in which a guy must remove his socks and trousers in front of his partner prior to sexual intercourse.
Sukhdeep felt sockward as he struggled to remove his socks and pants in front of Parvati.
by Ben's Penis January 25, 2012

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