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13 definitions by Ben McLaky

When a man puts his dick in a hot dog bun and sticks it out a window. He waits for someone to notice and relishes the moment. Mustard optional, but manditory.
Ben: I'll take one foot-long hot dog.
Nick: That will be 4.28
(Ben pulls up to the window.)
Ben: What the fuck is that?
Josh: Looks like a dick to me.
Nick: You just witnessed a drive-thru dick.
Ben: Kudos. Man.
by Ben McLaky December 31, 2007
A tattoo of a cat that makes a noise when you rub it. However, the tattoo must be on your dick.
Josh: Nice Cattoo man.
Ben: Why are you lookin' at my dick man?
by Ben McLaky January 01, 2008
when you shit in a girls pussy and mush her soggy pussy lips to look like a hamburger with extra mayo while whistling dixie.
Ben: Dude I'm starving.
Nick: You should order the Lansdale Lunchmeat Combo.
Josh: I fuck.
by Ben McLaky December 31, 2007
Attaching ones pubic hair to their television by any means nessecery.
Josh: Am I comin' over to watch to super bowl.
Ben: Yeah, we're watchin' it on the pube tube.
by Ben McLaky January 01, 2008
When your dog is misbehaving, you yell "it's a dick triscuit over here" and promptly place your balls on your dogs eyes. You must quickly remove the testes before the dog notices.
Ben: Your dogs bein' a bitch.
Nick: It's a dick triscuit over here.
Josh: Now you see me, now you don't.
by Ben McLaky December 31, 2007
Nickname everyone should give their anus.
McLaky: My McFarland Fuckhouse is leaking.
Farborky: I got the shits.
by Ben McLaky December 31, 2007