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10 definitions by Ben Fong

usually refers to any celebrity that has reached the highest point in their career, and eventually they'll screw up their lives and their reputations will be scarred.
ex.Britney Spears gone cahoots by shaving her head.
ex.MC Hammer was a big time superstar, now working in some mcdonalds in nowhere.
ex.Vanilla Ice(do i have to say any more?)
All examples of Burnout Superstars.
by Ben Fong February 20, 2007
A person that walks on their barefeet freely indoors.
Dan:Dude, your feet are fuckin' grimy!, What did you do? Step on crap or something?
Me:I don't give a rats ass,i do whatever i want, its my house.
Dan:What are you, a fucking hippie?
Me:Nah, I'm an indoor hippie, you dumbass.

by Ben Fong February 15, 2007
The act of removing multiple friends on one's friend list on social networking sites such as facebook and myspace
Why does Susan have less friends than usual on facebook?
Probably just doing a routine friend pruning on the people she doesn't like.
by Ben Fong March 03, 2010