84 definitions by Ben Dover

1. An idiotic, yet extreemly addictive game that was a fad for about a year in 2000. (subliminal message: Help me... Pikachu is secrectly trying to take over the world.

2. A gay Japanese guy with no social life outside his nearest Pokemon fan club.
John is such a pokemon, he needs to get out more.

Pokemon are trying to rape me.
by Ben Dover April 14, 2004
a fat lazy person who sits on the sofa watching American Idol, Survivor or some other shitty plot-less TV show and decides when seeing a big juicy burger flashed on the TV that they must get their fat potato-chip-eating ass into their single-occupant SUV and drive the quarter of a mile to the nearest drive-thru to have a couple super-sized burgers with fries and 4 milkshakes.
those suburbanites are always at the drive-thru
by Ben Dover January 19, 2004
a pretty damn good movie which i agree is another nerd cliche but for only freaks, theres a line between liking this movie a lot, and being a damn nerd about it and collecting every little toy and knowing the whole damn crew of the movie
dont know what to put here so fuck it!
by Ben Dover December 20, 2003
to hold hands in the shape of a cupcake.
jason was cupcakin with a slumper named tessa
by ben dover September 27, 2004
North American Mud Ball Licking Army.
NAMBLA is fun if you like licking mud balls.
by Ben Dover April 22, 2005
a really really really ugly girl that causes ur dick to slump
this is the uglyest slumper i every fucked
by ben dover October 03, 2004
a gay food usually served as an entree and followed by an carrot cake for dessert.
When Joey had Elliot over for tea, he prepared a delicious spinach quiche.
by Ben Dover January 11, 2004
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