11 definitions by Ben Davis

Something you so to a ponce or someone else trying to sound impressive or show off
Well la dee da richboy
by Ben Davis September 30, 2003
A saying which means not quite to ones liking (annouying, gay, completely shite)
Last night was totally basco
by ben davis May 20, 2003
The hottest college on the planet. Where the Huskies roam in Romarville. Where you go if you want to be smart as well as sexy. Home of the purple and gold. So if you see someone sportin it they're probably smarter, sexier, better, and more important than you.
"Look at that Wazzu grad. bag that UW's grad's groceries. Must be cougin it."
by Ben Davis March 10, 2005
nelly and kelly - dilemma.
i.e. to have a dilemma
I'm having a nelly and kelly
by ben davis May 20, 2003
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