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1 definition by Belvadir

The pains chiefly associated with a male's erection grinding against his female partner during heavy sexual play. See dry humping. Often adding to arousal at onset the pains proceed to become excruciating and ultimately frustrating, often reducing the ability to retain erection (hard on).

From Irish folklore, where a leprechaun was a little man dressed in green who would appear at forest edges and was rumoured to possess a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Often men who sought these creatures would enter great misfortune and suffering would result. As such a man who seeks sexual fulfilment from a woman who refuses to give it will suffer the pains in his groin as a result of dry humping, known as leprechauns.
"Man, I wish me and my girlfriend would just have sex, all this grinding is starting to chafe my loins something awful."
"Dude, these things take time, until then you gotta put up with the leprechauns running wild and free."
by Belvadir May 04, 2008
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