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When Speculation and ejaculation have one thing in common,they both can be a lot of wank.
;"The poperazzi official response was that it was an act of holy war on the Protestants ,was proven to be more Spejaculation"
by Belteshazzar September 01, 2009
Whatit is abbreviated slang for many uses
;What is it ?
;What is it going to be ?
;What it look like ?
;What it do ?
;What it is ? Whats new or going down ?
;What it smell like ?
; Billy got a new toy to show Jenny,she cried 'WhatIt?!'
; Now I have to google whatit is I am doing there ?
; The local tribesman point to the item and asked 'WhatIt?!'
by Belteshazzar September 07, 2009
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