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An abbreviation for the phrase, ‘skip to relevance,’ used in conversation as a blunt request for one to get to their point. A method of asking someone to ‘wrap it up,’ without making it obvious you don’t care.

STR originated from various internet based forums, chats, and online games where the predominant method of communication between players/participants is text, arising as a result of many self-important and drama obsessed people’s habit with almost fanatically explaining even the most mundane detail of a mundane experience to make it seem extraordinary.

STR is also used verbally, pronounced ‘STiR’ with a softer enunciation of the transitory ‘I’ sound. The phrase has been commonly adopted by retail workers dealing with technical, electronic, or entertainment media, and often used in customer support situations. It is typically employed when a customer begins detailing their life-story up until the particular issue, including when they bought it, why they bought it, their opinion of it, thoughts on the ‘just out of the package’ smell, as well their commentary as to their current emotional state, and ‘how their day is going’ before ever explaining what exactly went wrong with a product, or why/how they managed to loose/throw out a receipt given to them mere hours earlier. STR is often used as a verb in situations such as this.
“… and I bought this for my son, though I don’t understand why he wants it, but I figured…”
“Can you STR, ma’am?”

“And so yeah, so we were getting all hot and heavy in the back seat, so we decided to go back to her place, but on the way we stopped off at mall to buy some.”
“STR that crap! Get to the good part!”
by Belligerent Mime July 10, 2008

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