3 definitions by Bellagio99

Pompous English person, a member of the chattering class who talks with absolute assurance at great length about something he (rarely she) knows almost nothing about.
The Brit Twit Rifkind was on the BBC yesterday talking about the foolishness of emoticons, without having ever used one himself.
by Bellagio99 October 09, 2007
passing on a present you cannot use to a network member who could use it.
JoLynn's gift of a Cal sweatshirt didn't fit me, so I thought of network gifting and passed it on to Lilia who looks great in it and really liked it.
by bellagio99 March 24, 2012
Being ground down because you are involved in too many things
He is exhausted from running on the threadmill of life.
by bellagio99 January 28, 2011

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