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a talented underground rap/ hip hop artist formerly known as 2Wrong, who is currently based in Long Beach. Lyrically inclined, soulful and generally autobiographical, he started off as a poet largely influenced by Pablo Neruda and moved into rap during his late adolescence. He is gifted at both creating artistic, moving and unique verses to diverse tracks, and also at developing and arranging his own beats. Some of the elements which stand out about him are the eccentric instances of dissonance in his instrumental tracks, his heavy sampling from tracks within the genres of jazz and soul, and in allowing his listener to feel the emotion behind his verses like the stab of a knife. " 2 Wrong for life", his catchphrase, crystallizes the artist's experiences of always being the anti-hero, the one going against the grain and experiencing the harsh realities of life, which only allow him to feel brief, bittersweet experiences at intervals. Bittersweet, but mostly bitter. One can regard him as the newest version of a Miltonian Satan, or the charming, conflicted, neo-lost-generation poet who has moved past the limits of words and accompanied them with a beautiful, haunting, and harmonious dissonance.2wrAng, from the start, lets us know that his music is not just about putting together "a perfect verse to a tight beat", but about truly embodying the most elemental emotions of the individual within the particular.
Nigga you been through some shit, you be 2WrAngin it, huh?

My nigga didn't you know? I'm 2WrAng for life.
by BellaVoce February 04, 2010
a derivative and female version of the "yes man", or one who is an a) pushover, b) person of unquestioning obedience, c) accepts the leadership of another (this can carry very sexual connotations, if you wish to go that far), and who is therefore very easily "taken advantage of". Interestingly, both the "yes man" and "verbal agreement woman" have no problem displaying their overzealously submissive natures if driven absolutely gaga by someone of the opposite sex who places much less effort on them.
Paula is such a verbal agreement woman...if she's sprung on a nigga he can say "jump on that" and she's already on it before he tells her how!
by BellaVoce February 04, 2010
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