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A chinese, irish, italian whiskey...made from femented noodles and gorllia piss. An alcohol content greater than 100 percent pure.
In most cultures.. Ye Ole Pasta Twat is a new years eve celebratory beverage that will rip yo goddammed head off. Enjoy..you fuckers !!
by Bel Aire Beeryan April 09, 2010
The act of a well hung male shmacking his woman in the face with his penis 31 times..then turning around and blasting a disgustingly huge fart in her face...for good measure.
"Man!! This is a great porno!"
"Wait...Here it comes........"
" Holy shit !! He gave her a floppy bomb !!!"
" Someone better get the mop!! "
by Bel Aire Beeryan April 08, 2010
When a 700 + pound, African American man breaks down your front door and proceeds to punch your mother in the face so hard that she crashes thru the nearest wall.
" Man !! Did you see Big Brian fuck that bitch up?"
" Hell yes !! That was a severe Momma Shmack !! I hope she makes it out of her coma."
by Bel Aire Beeryan April 08, 2010
any narcotic pain killer that gives the user a state of euphoria.
Some people take large doses of rooba boobin before seeing a movie to enhance the viewing pleasure.
by Bel Aire Beeryan April 07, 2010
A summer retreat for juvenile assholes to go and enjoy outdoor festivities like: shit sculpting : pirannah dodge ball : and placing your dick in a moving blender. Fun 4 all !!
"Hey Booker. I heard you got your first hand job at Cotton Summa Camp this year."
"Yep. But my brothers hands were chapped and it hurt like a motherfucker!"
" Damn son...You nasty !!"
by Bel Aire Beeryan April 11, 2010
A native fruit/vegitable hybrid, grown in the highest mountains of Bolivia. Locals often refer to it's ability to stop persons with huge medical farting problems to clasp up their assholes and stop fucking blasting out the village. Small doses have been known to cause a strain of the Nigerian Anus Flu often resulting in death when forced into the rectal cavity.
I tried entering the farting contest...but someone slipped me some Doon Proot and now my cheekhole wont do SHIT !!!
by Bel Aire Beeryan February 28, 2011
The loose,left over pubic hair that ends up in your underwear after a trim.
" My balls we itching bad today."
" You got the crabs ??"
" No just a little pewber mulch. "
by Bel Aire Beeryan May 09, 2010

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