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1. A drink that results from trying to necrofelch someone who has been cremated. This is a milkshake made from santorum mixed with the ashes of the deceased.
"Your dad and I enjoyed a nice necrofelch protein shake last night... Made out of your mom."
by bekim March 05, 2012
Another useless and rather ignorant urban word used to explain when something is at its prime or couldn't be any better.
ex: Yo guard, this sandwich is off that helly waxin tip.

ex: Let me tell you Bob, last night Wilma was the helly waxin.
by Bekim May 05, 2005
African American word used to exemplify absolutely nothing pertaining to the significance of being dumb.
ex: We are about to get crunk up in here.

ex: Shall we get crunk Margaret and act like riddlesome fools?
by Bekim May 05, 2005
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