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Abbreviation for: Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device
It's a weapon from the game Portal developed by Valve.
It's a portal device that shoots blue and orange portals, whit which you can go in one and come out of another portal.
This mod is the first Portal mod without the ASHHPD
by Bekey7734 October 22, 2009
The occurrence, usually in females, where when embracing someone, presumably due to elation, one leg raises just like flamingo's do.
Stephanie was making a Humingo while hugging Joe
by Bekey7734 October 11, 2009
The act of sending someone a link while he 's installing software. By unaware clicking on the link, the browser opens and sometimes shuts the install down.
Dude 1: Hey i'm installing Photoshop right now.
Dude 2: Ey dude check dis vid! **link**
Dude 1: What the fuck, i clicked on the link and the
installation threw an error of a faulty install.
Dude 2: Firefoxed!
by Bekey7734 October 11, 2009
Batze is a german slang name for the WWE Wrestler Batista .
German Kid said: Batze done a great show at Smackdown
by Bekey7734 September 05, 2009

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