1 definition by Bekah*Starz

A raging cock-hungry vagina that never grows weary of it's pursuance of a dick (cock) to stuff in it's hungry "clap ridden" pusshole. A fuckbag so insatiably hungry for an STD that it's vagina is known only as a pipebomb!!!

Merely breaking the plane of such a gaping, cavernous dick coffin will result in self-elimination by Taliban-warlord suicide cunt-bomber.
I saw your old lady at the pump last night. She was hot on the trail of some strange. That cock-hound was clearly in heat judging by the air tight seal she was engulfed in behind the dumpster. At least Kenny was nice enough to throw a Miller Light box under her ass before he gave her a hot carl.
by Bekah*Starz April 22, 2007

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