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A city in Southwestern Ontario Canada. Home to Ontario's most hoppin' bar scene and the best collection of drunk sluts this side of river. On weekends, great numbers of Americans flock to Windsor to get shittered and make complete asses of themselves, while the respectable Canadian kids beat their asses and fuck their women.

Windsor is home to what McLean's Magazine considers the worst university in the country, but they only think that because the editors know they wouldn't get a single ounce of trim from the girls there.

Recently, Windsor has been completely overrun with conservative tight-wad assholes who don't believe in the ideals that built and fueled the city, which has led to the rapid demise of the region's integrity, including the loss of the auto industry and the rise of assholes who vote beyond their means.

Windsor is home to the country's best hockey team (Windsor Spitfires), and also boasts Ceasar's Casino, the country's most populated bar scene, and more strip clubs than you can possibly get kicked out of in one night.

Windsor is quickly moving up the ranks as the single mom capital of the world, only rivaled by Leamington and Chatham. This is only possible because of the number of ass-hats that are migrating to the city from these two kife-hole towns. All in all, the Rose City is still home to some of the fittest trim in the country, and there's even places to get 24 hour breakfast like the Husky or Golden Griddle. mmmmmmm.....
John: Where would a guy go to score some great pussy?

Paul: Windsor, Ontario dude, where the fuck else?


Canadian Guy: Man, we totally scored 3 yankees for a border bang!

American Guy: Those cool, good looking mutha fuckaz from Windsor stole our women.... oh well, this picture of Delta Burke will do... fap fap fap.
by Bejnay March 10, 2009
Clear substance which precludes sex. Often causing squigy-ness in one's shorts, leading to your hammer sticking to your gitch.
Guy: You don't have to spit baby!, just use the pre-jack!

Girl: yeah!

Girl: Shit, did you cum already!!?!?!

Guy: Naa, Girl, it's just a lil pre-jack... fap.
by Bejnay March 10, 2009
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