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The site with self proclaimed users known as internet terrorists. Although the internet terrorism is more for shock value then anything else. WTFNOOB could be best be described as a scaled down version of something awful more directed towards flash animation. WTFNOOB compromises mostly of ex-newgrounds seniors that got ticked off with the way newgrounds was being run and joined WTFNOOB. Controversy surrounds the site and every action they do is a lightening rod. They have mostly been known for their malacious pranks on newgrounds, and on 0its forum. WTFNOOB is out to destroy the scum of society and often does its best to slander sub internet groups such as anime, furries, locks, clocks, ethugs and such. However this community is still young, and in the comming years should become gigantic.
WTFNOOB the bastard child of newgrounds.
by Beholder July 15, 2004
Glare usually given as a threat by a someone who is not neccessarily evil, but possessed or a demi-devil.
(Arcane) To curse someone with a glare.
"He gave me the evil eye, I am cursed to hell!)
by beholder March 02, 2004

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