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Dark,depressing,negative,and evil thoughts that cause change in emotion and personality.They are delusions inside someone's mind and leads them to act in violent,anti-social and psychotic ways.
When The Worms ate into Pink's brain,it began his transformation to the Neo-Nazi dictator shown during "In The Flesh","Run Like Hell",and "Waiting For The Worms"
by BehindTheWall June 23, 2009
Prison Slang for a seven year term.
Yeah, they hit Tiny with a double saw (buck) = 20 years but I got away with just a hook (7 years) and the biatch got a deuce for dropping the dime on us.

Which is why ten years is called a "Saw" (buck) and not a dime.

Dime relates to ratting as in "Dropping the Dime".
by BehindtheWall January 08, 2013

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