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When you get turned down by a chick with big tits.
Joe tried to hit up the chick at the bar with the huge chesticles, but when she found out he's an "artist", he got totally double d-feated.
by BehindtheHype October 02, 2009
A universal term to sarcastically poke fun at your friends on Facebook who seem to - without fail - always have something exotic going on in their lives.
Mike said he can't make it to my going away party...guess he's Facebooking from Egypt.
by BehindtheHype June 16, 2010
A variation of the Eiffel Tower.

As with the Eiffel Tower, this sexual act involves three participants: two men and a woman. One man is getting fellated, by the woman, whilst the other man is penetrating her vagina or anus.

Mid-coitus, the two men diagonally high-five each other, thus creating the lean.
Hey Mike, Amy is talking like she wants to get slammed by the Leaning Tower of Penis tonight, you down?
by BehindtheHype May 07, 2010

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