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A bunch of arrogant cunts who nick your items just when there about to get delivered, and still have the fuckin cheek to post a letter through the door saying your item is at the main post office.
You mother fuckers, why dont you just cut my throat open and shit down my neck, your the worst delivery service ever! cunts, twats, motherfuckers
by Begum March 16, 2005
A bunch of fucking clowns selling people a load of shit with extra stuff that there not going to fuckin use.
Thanx a fucking bunch currys, for letting me pay double for my product over 5 years without telling me, you twats!
by Begum March 16, 2005
A person who is not only a motherfucker, but is also a cocksucker and acts like a complete and utter fucking twat all of the time.
For fuck sakes man, what did you do that for you stupid motherfucking cocksucking twat!
by Begum March 14, 2005
A person whos face and/or body that resembles smeagol's out of lord of the rings. Basically an ugly skinny looking hobbit, that wants his precious one.
What the fuck did you do that for? you stupid fucking smeagol face. ugly cunt
by Begum March 16, 2005
Do you got a baaaaag my friend, this is instead of using bag within a shop, mainly begums use this term. If they do not got a bag, ask them for a baaaaag my friend
Hello my friend, do you got a baaaaag for my wacuuuum, she very dirty you know!
by Begum March 14, 2005
Customer of electrical stores who always refunds their products (namely vacuums) simply because they haven't changed the bags.
Get out of my store begum, your vacuum is fine!
by Begum May 23, 2005

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