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to be on Facebook.com and myspace.com at the same time.
Hey man im just checking my wall on facebook and checking myspace,ya know, Face Spacin'.
by Begoners March 03, 2009
a slang term asking who's room your are currently standing in.
A man, whoroomadis?
by Begoners March 05, 2009
a phrase in reference to a male that keeps his pimp hand strong.Sometimes called a player, or man whore.
She's just hatin' cause im pimp-type-playa-like.
by Begoners March 05, 2009
a cali slang word used by white boys asking who's room they are in,while trying to sound African-American.
by Begoners March 05, 2009
to hate mosh, or to be without any mercy on the dance floor during a Hardcore show.
I'm gonna brake face at the show tonight.
by Begoners March 05, 2009
1. Someone is really dumb, or lacks intellegence.
2.usually a sarcastic response to a dumb comment.
1. Arelle and Gabby, are Hecka Dumb!
2. The McBrutals are Hecka Dumb!
3. Hecka Dumb!
by Begoners March 05, 2009
A word used in a joke written by Joseph R. Begonia when he had a chemistry teacher substituting his math class,it is usually referring to someone that is Hecka Dumb.
You are sodium minus the "i",sodum!
by Begoners March 05, 2009

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