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An awesome anime and manga, that people need to stop saying is crap. Fangirls write fanfiction about said show, and often use shippings. Their favourite being puzzle, tender and bronze. Which includes the hikaris and yamis. Though 4Kids Entertainment did ruin the English dub by removing all violence. LittleKuriboh also created an abridged series around said show.
The show being about 16 year old Yugi Mutou (Yugi Moto) (being the height of a 10 year old) who is inhabited by The nameless pharoah (who we later find out is called Atem) who resides in the boys Millenium Puzzle. Yugi being the proclaimed King of Games, he attends Domino High along with friends Anzu Mazaki (Tea Gardener), Katusuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler) and Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor) and Ryo Bakura (Bakura) Seto Kaiba is another main character and sets up many tornaments to try and beat Yugi.
The show is set around Duel Monsters which is a card game in which you reduce your oppoets life points to 0. The cards are spilt into 3 catergories, Monster, Trap and Spell (Magic). The Monsters split into different types such as gravekeeprs, spellcasters, warrior, fairy, occult, burn, insect etc
Main antagonists in the show are Pegasus Crawford (Maxamillion Pegasus), Marik Ishtar, Yami Marik, Yami Bakura (Ryo being one of Yugi's friends), Noah Kaiba, Akhenaden and Zorc Necrophades (Zorc the Dark One).
"Hey you watch Yu-Gi-Oh! last night?"
"Yeah. What else would I do."
by Begecko February 16, 2012
it means terrifically skankified it was on call my bluff.

As heard in le garcon skanky
"you see that guy over there?"
"he's skankerriffic"

He's skankerrific, oh, his breath's horrific, he ain't pretty in daylight
by Begecko February 16, 2012
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