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A bowl that contains half tobacco and half weed
"Let's smack a T-Bacs and"
by BeezayMan February 15, 2010
A term for tobacco
"Yo man let's smack some T-Bacs"
by BeezayMan February 15, 2010
Bong water
"Yo man change that BeezayWats before we smack the next beezay"
by BeezayMan February 15, 2010
1. Beezay has evolved into many other forms. This is the original. It means bud, bong, or bowl. It has evolved into many new forms including Beeseis, which refers solely to marijuana. B-Peezay, which means the bowl piece. BeezayWats, which means bong water.
1. "Load me a beezay"
2. "Pass me the beezay"
3. "I'm out of beezay(or beeseis)"
by BeezayMan February 15, 2010

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