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A greasy or sweaty person with low personal hygiene, a 'Slug' is also someone who is slow and sort of squelches around in their own sweat. Usually shouted at the someone with these characteristics.

Forget slug meaning a bullet. This makes more sense and you know it does.
(a fat sweaty spotty person squelches past)
Guy 1: Awww look at that, urrggh do they know what a shower is?
Guy 2: S...S...SSSLLUUGG!!
Guy 1: Bahahahahahahahhahaha what the hell, slug?

Guy 2: yes, oh yes...Slug
by Beetrootboy December 06, 2012
A person who's face has turned a red/purple because they are embarrassed, 'beetroot' is usually shouted when someone does something embarrassing and try's to pass it off.
(school kid drops food tray onto floor and his face turns red)
Guy 3: (aside to friend) his face is beetroot
Guy 2: haha ye
Guy 1: (shouted at kid) BEETROOT!!!
Guy 3: BEETROOT!!!!
by Beetrootboy December 06, 2012
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