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A South-African rugby team supported by hundreds of Afrikaans supporters. It is also a word that is the defenite description of a Jock-like person. Blou Bulle in context means to assult the opposite sex with beer bottles or get wasted and shout at the TV.
Hein : "Dude, wtf?"
by BeesHaas September 09, 2010
A strike,slap or punch given by 'n South-African, Afrikaans White boer to let the opposing person pass-out, suffer a heart-attack, or possibly, die. The Boer Klap is often given to the children of Boerre if they miss-behave
Hein :"Dad, I soiled myself"
Ruan:"Son, I'm gonna give you one big-ass Boer Klap!"
Hein :"Nooooooooooooooooo!"


Ruan:"Honey, call 911"
by BeesHaas September 09, 2010
A South-African Afrikaans Alternitive band formed in 2010. The members consist of :
Lionel : Vocals
Jurgens : Lead Guitar
Hein : Bass
Francois : Drums

Their name, in English, means "The Fingerpoint Method".
It is often mistaken for a middle-finger gesture, but this discription misses the point badly.

The only and definite meaning is to blame someone else for your own faults.
Frannie :"Joh bru, you just used Die Vingerwys Metode"
Hein :"Ja bra, dit was laag"(Yeah bra, that was low)
Lionel :"Oh my sack"
Jurgens:"I didn't fart, I swear!"
by BeesHaas September 09, 2010

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