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A person (generally male) who takes pleasure in boasting about his accomplishments in the sport of beer drinking. Beer dorks think they gain social status by telling their friends exactly how much they drank on a given night, or how much they plan to drink at a future date. They have the ability to describe to you in detail, over the course of a night, how many drinks they had, what kind, and when they drank them. Beer dorks talk a mad game, but are the biggest pussy light-weights in their group of alcohol enthusiasts.
This beer dork I work with just told me that he and his buddies converted their garage into a party room complete with a beer fridge that holds 8 cases of beer, a beer pong table, and a giant beer bong that 4 people could "saddle up to" at the same time. Shockingly, this beer dork is 31 and single.
by Beertine February 01, 2008

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