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Fake women on Myspace and various dating websites. The women do not actually exist(except in photo form), but are there to lure you into porn sites, credit card scams, and things of that nature.
They are usually scantily clad and "horny".
The term began from the large number of "fake" women residing in the sleepy town of Keller Virginia.
"Jesus Christ, I got 7 friend requests from Keller Women today."
#keller #women #myspace #fake #scam #phishing
by Beerends May 07, 2007
Bukkake featuring people afflicted with Downs Syndrome.
You are sick Leroy. That's like the 50th time you've watched that bucorky video. Don't you ever get sick of watching that disgusting movie?
#bukkake #corky #retarded #retard #mongoloid #life goes on #downs syndrome
by Beerends March 27, 2011
The word is a cross between sperm and cum, often mistakingly used in place of the other words due to drunkenness.
"There's no way I am getting in that hot tub, it's totally full of Jay's spum."
#sperm #cum #semen #jism #swimmies #splooge #nut
by Beerends May 07, 2007
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