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noun, adv,adj,verb; tyme-bahm
1.) The act of secretly giving a girl multiple laxatives then proceeding to engage in anal sex while striving to cum as fast as possible preferably before she defecates.
2.) An extreme sport in many major fraternities.
Person 1: How was it man?
Person 2: Shit man she blew first.
Person 1: Oh she was a time-bomb?
Person 2: Yea...
by Beerad Reeser November 16, 2009
1.v. The act of dropping a log in complete silence.
2. n. The product of a silent shit.
3. When deaf people are unaware of how loud their pooping noises actually are.
Billy stared at his deafecation in awe knowing that nobody could have possibly heard him.
by Beerad Reeser November 17, 2009
n. Any person showing interest or dedication in the fine science of testing the strength of a "fifth" bottle of any alcoholic beverage after drinking it; usually tested in parking lots, random house parties, and occasionally on heads.
Look at those drunkin idiots smashing bottles!

Those are no idiots Evan, there fifthbusters.
by Beerad Reeser November 17, 2009

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