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Last week's side-dish, this week's main course. Courted by the presently balding by force, and hairless by choice, c-class (no-class) driving Mahopac native "Papa-Douchebag." Who originally, claimed a Stephanie to emit inhumane gasses fatal for human inhalation. Comparable to asbestsos.

A Stephanie has been previously employed by your local retail sub-par minimum wage bagel provider. Holding the prestiged position of "special delivery." However, clearly far from prestigious.

A Stephanie's identity is marked by her poor fashion sense, and unnoteworthy physical attributes, such as matted hair, small eyes, underdeveloped chest, and lacking behind. A Stephanie can be found flocking amongst Mahopac's undesireables.

Although a Stephanie may be easily overlooked, her natural 'parfum' is one that can be most easily confused with that of Pepe Le Pew. One character that chooses to remain nameless, however not so nameless in this description, has compared this bodily emission to that of the air within a retired (moldy) basketball.

If one is confused with a Stephanie, she is most likely to be spotted grazing with a "BINNNCYYYY." See Bincy for further description.

Also known as, "Smelly Hobo Bagel Lady"

Stephanie says: Workin that 9-5, but it's all for my boyfriend (aka the balding by force, hairless by choice, the one and only, 'PAPA')
by Beencie August 29, 2010

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