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High school Drama is the drama between people at highschool, which people seem to create around themselves just to have a bit of action in their lives. Highschool drama is a phrase used to ridicule this. An example is below:
Person One : Oh my god! Shelly got with Brad, even though Brad is seeing Margaret, who by the way was with Jamie when Jamie and Andy were meant to be going to the big game, I cant belive Andy had to go alone, especially after Jamie slagged him off for sleeping with Jess's mother.

Person Two : Who cares about your STUPID HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA?!
#highschool #high #school #drama #action #problems #rumours
by Beefy P October 11, 2006
Stands for either "Big, butch lesbian" or "big beefy lesbian" and is a derrogatory term used to poke fun at a large woman
"Check out that BBL over there!"
#big #butch #lesbian #bbl #fat #woman
by Beefy P November 15, 2006
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