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a party with high aspirations, but ends up being a boring sausagefest. Typically held by Canadians and usually ends in a fight, which is held by the whiny-bitch host.
Daniel: Hey bro did you go to that party last night?
Alex: Ya man but it ended up being a jack back.
Daniel: Dude that sucks.
Alex: Ya I thought it be good. But it ended up being a boring sausagefest and we just watched the laker game.
by Beefer Dude January 05, 2012
When an individual is on his phone and does not give a rat's ass about human life and continues to ignore everyone is sight.
Myles: and that is how I found the meaning of life.
Ryan: *silence, head down at phone*
Myles: Ryan?!!!
Ryan: huh?
Myles: Boontzer *smh*
by Beefer dude January 05, 2012
The most vile, musky scent that comes from the male genitalia. "Dick-stench"
Flynn: Eww what is that smell?
Harold: It smells like old avocados grinded up with diarrhea.

Flynn: Ugh I think its from that sand nigger over there
Harold: That's some serious Dench
by Beefer Dude February 18, 2012

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