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Said to be associated with the effects of baby-batter, prejack is the state of tongue lolling mental confusion found in horny men. In contrast to its antonym postjack, prejack tends to exist pretty much all the time, except for during the ejaculatory refractory period, (within which clarity is briefly possible.) Tends to affect purchase decisions, especially in the case of jewelry, is associated with awful decision making, and is heavily exacerbated by young, limber, blonde strippers.
Prejack that seemed like a pretty good idea... spending $840 on 45 minutes worth of lap dances. Now my pants are just sticky.
by Beef Ranger September 08, 2008
Antonym of prejack, postjack is the capacity, (exclusive to men), to think clearly, make responsible purchase decisions, refuse to comply with the suggestions of hot women, do math, and pass strip clubs without going inside. Typically a momentary, fleeting state that goes away a few minutes "postjack".
Postjack it’s pretty clear to me how much I hate that fucking couch she made me buy, and how – frankly – I’d really like to strangle her goddamn cat… but the feeling usually subsides after a couple minutes, confusion sets in, and I have to go look for my calculator and a dictionary… wait, what was I talking about? I need to go look at redtube.
by Beef Ranger September 08, 2008

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