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4 definitions by Beef Cannon Bill

The five o'clock shadow that occurs not too long after a girl shaves her pussy.
Man, my face is all chafed from going down on this girl with hobo pussy.
by Beef Cannon Bill October 13, 2011
A form of torture where a prisoner is tied down with a man's asshole hovering less than an inch from his face. The farts will proceed until he cracks and reveals information.
Ron-I'm so glad that they finally banned waterboarding.
Carl-That's just a small victory. They still allow fartboarding.
by Beef Cannon Bill October 13, 2011
Long, wispy hairs that emerge from nipples.
I was sucking this chick's tits, and she had the longest titlashes.
by Beef Cannon Bill October 13, 2011
A man's penis.
This chick won't stop grabbing my sausage pistol.
by beef cannon bill April 06, 2011