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to practice the art of chasing punani and successfully achieving it
I am a punanst, gimme your punani or i will break you
by Beef Cake March 20, 2005
1.leave me alone, please
Teacher: Wheres your homework?
Student: Yargin!
by Beef Cake February 02, 2005
The art or practice of processing logistics in order to achieve a task or attain a target
I logisticated a root on the weekend
by Beef Cake March 20, 2005
when somebody of the opposite sex is extreeeeeeeeeeeemly attractive and you wish to logisticate (please refer logisticate) and fornicate
that stripper sitting on that guys face is pornable
by Beef Cake March 20, 2005
the state of when a group of ludacrous occurences/ideas/objectives all meet at the same time and place
my job is a fucken ludocracy
This military strike is a ludocracy
by Beef Cake March 20, 2005
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