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3 definitions by Beeb E. King

A beebism that translates to "two times in the butt".
It is generally used as an expression of appreciation for an attractive woman, or as an indicator of how do-able she appears to you.
It refers to the number of times you would be willing to engage in anal intercourse with said woman.

It may occasionally be used, usually with a smilie, to denote the exact opposite, signifying that there is, in fact, no way you would be willing to take a drive up the old dirt road with a particulary unattractive woman.
This expression is only known to be used by the inhabitants of the beeb (WERA BBS).

The multiplier 2 may sometimes be increased to reflect a particularly porkable female (3XITB, 4XITB, etc.) Records indicate that no female has ever exceeded the rating of 7XITB.
No multiplier lesser than 2 should be employed when used to signify a delicious piece of eye-candy.
I'd hit it 2xITB.

She is most definitely a 2xITB for me too.

2xITB for sure.
by Beeb E. King November 17, 2011
6 2
A moratorium on morons, as in deciding to no longer hang around with really stupid people.
I'd like to go to Hooters with you but I'm on a morontorium.
by Beeb E. King November 19, 2011
3 0
A word or acronym used regularly on the WERA bbs.
2xIDB is the most popular beebism.

His favorite beebism is EAD (eat a dick).
by Beeb E. King November 17, 2011
4 1