4 definitions by Bedworthman

You have been spanking the monkey so much that when you do eventually shoot nothing comes out at all.
Shit it must be broken or backfiring as nothing came out! thats a ghost cum
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008
When running to the bog for number 2's and when you get there you shit your entire bowels out in milliseconds.
That last turd i had was like a flock of sea guls.
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008
When in the 69 position and your nose gets too close to the anus. Not a problem following a shower. But you can get the sniffles if she has been at work all day.
Christ love we need to change position i have the sniffles and cant breath!!
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008
Where some-one never brushes their teeth. As a result a dirty film appears over them making them look filthy.
Blimey guvnor your washwoods ( washwood heath, TEETH) have more film on um than kodak!
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008

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