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Turkey, to this day, denies that they ever created "acts of genocide" against the Armenians in the early 20th century.
Turks: We didn't created acts of genocide against the Armenians..
Armenian: Yes, you did.
Turks: I assure you we didnt.
Armenians: Yes. You are doing what you call Armenian Genocide Denial.
Turks: Uh... no....
by Become a Screamer November 25, 2006
Shavarsh Odadjian (aka Shavo): Bassist of System of a Down, the best band in the history of the world. Directed some music videos of the bad.
See Shavo Odadjian or System of a Down
(Shavo) Shavarsh Odadjian wrote some system of a down songs such as P.L.U.C.K and directed some music videos of System of a Down
by Become a Screamer November 25, 2006
Movie created about the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, when the Hutu created acts of Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The Hutu refered to the Tutsi as Cockroaches.
This movie focuses on a group of Hutu and Tutsi who take refuge in a hotel (Mil Collines) and is owned by Paul Rusesabagina (spelling...).
The United Nations were deployed to Rwanda to break up the Genocide, then pulled out, then went back.
A harsh reality of what is still continuing in this world, it always has and always will. Hotel Rwanda is just a VERY small example. We cannot escape Genocide, but who will be next? Sadam Hussein created acts of genocide, and there is genocide in the Congo, for the past 4 years.
I think we should all become Screamers with System of a Down and be anti-genocide.
by Become a Screamer November 25, 2006
A political and anti-war band, who YES sometimes sing about drugs and nothing, but many of their songs encourage recognition of genocide, such as the Armenian Genocide. The members themselves are Armenian, and live in the USA. All 4 members lost family during the genocide. They are a metal/heavy metal/rock/in their own genre/alternative/"nu-metal" band.
Their song B.Y.O.B (Bring your Own Bombs) clearly shows their views of war, as it is a song written to protest the war in Iraq.
Me: Hey, did you know System of a Down are starring in a new movie?

You: No, what is it?

Me: It's called Screamers, about Genocides.

You: I shall go watch it.

Me: Yes, You should.
by Become a Screamer November 25, 2006

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