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verb. to wear a tank top or bro tank; to be a hella B.A.
CJ is tankin today. That shirt looks great and accentuates his skinny arms.

Grant only blazes when he's tanking. Gotta give him credit, he's a hella B.A.
by BeckyofIowa September 28, 2011
Verb. To be incredibly cool, awesome, sexy, or to give off an attitude of one who either does meth or eats out lots of girls.
"Ah man, Nolan's grey shirt really shows off his pecks."
"Hey, I'm wearing a grey shirt!"
by BeckyofIowa October 31, 2011
The revolutionary mathematical theory composed by Austin Hall that states that a subtraction or addition problem which gives the result of a negative number can in fact be interpreted to be negative or positive, whichever you decide.
"So, class we see that 3 - 6 = -3."
"Ah, Mr. Teacher, you're forgetting Austin's Law!"
"Oh, of course! It can be -3 or +3. You can decide!"
by BeckyofIowa October 31, 2011
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