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~a girl who is a skank and is good at it
~she also will try to hang out with the guys that are known to b ganstas and tries to b lyk them..therefore...she is a skank and a gansta
~skank + gansta = skanksta
~it cood b used to joke around with or as an insult, but it is most commonly used as a joke with friends
sarah - becca ur such a skanksta
becca - yeah i noe haha
by Becky aka Becca aka Justin May 29, 2003
a skank - slut - whore....wat i...becky...calls every1..i thynk its spelled skankavitch...but sarah put it under skankavich...so w.e...lol sarah!
sarah shut the hell up u skankavich!
by Becky aka Becca aka Justin May 29, 2003
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