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1 definition by Becky Robertson

For a girl, it would be someone that has made a commitment to give up sexual intercourse and eventually their hymen will regenerate. At that point a girl can be considered a born again virgin. Even though they have remained abstinent for a long period of time, they have still experienced sex with a man and have had someone elses dick in them making them tainted goods. Having said that they are much better than a lot of the filthy whores that are among us or live in my dorm for that matter.

For a guy, it is more along the lines of someone that decides to stop being such a man whore and has a change in values.
Carly got fucked hard core by her jackass ex-boyfriend and now she is sorry for being so dumb. She has sworn to become a born again virgin from that point on but she will never be as pure as me becasue I have never been tarnished by dick.
by Becky Robertson October 28, 2006